This page is for information for manufactures, distributors, installers, home owners, and retail stores to have Emerald Inspection Service, LLC consult or inspect the carpet, laminate flooring, tile, vinyl floor product and wood flooring. This type of consulting or inspection is different then any other type of inspection. We are certified by IFCI for all of the above type flooring products. Our reports are generated We use this type of software as it is the industry standard for reporting and has been accepted nationally by all manufactures and if needed mediation of court.

Flooring inspections are a different type of entity that we have added to assist manufactures to home owners to determine if the product is a defect from the manufacture, an installation deficiency, or home owner error on maintenance of the flooring product.

Now keep in mind, that all manufactures have variances in their product that has been  determine by ASTM. All products will have a variance that is allowable for industry standards. For example; you may have a 12"x12" tile. The tile may measure within a /32nd to a /64 of an inch difference.  This maybe allowed by the industry standards. This is only an example of some products.

When we perform these type of inspections we use state of the art technology for every inspection. We do not use cell phones for pictures, we have gloss meters, carpet telescopes, and PH strips to name a few. We are determined to detect the reason why your flooring product is a concern to you.

So again for this type of inspection, we perform them in the State of Florida and Southern Georgia. When we perform these type of inspections, the final report is usually 2 to 3 days for receiving your report. And of course we are always here for you if you have any questions about the report.

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