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Our service area for buyer and seller inspections is from Tampa Bay area to Orlando. As far as north as Ocala and as far south as Clearwater. We additionally inspect, St. Pete Beach, Pinellas Park, New Port Richey along the coast line.

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Seller's Home Inspection

A seller's home inspection is very similar to the buyer home inspection. There are a few differences. The first difference is to bring attention of any elements of the inspection that may need attention too.

(i.e. remove flaking paint, repair the trap underneath the sink due to some corrosion, etc.)

Also, if a home owner has been in a home for a length of time, during the inspection process the inspector may recommend some minor updating to make the home more appealing to any future home buyer. The inspection comes with a 120 Day Warranty.

We also offer a "Certified Move In Ready" program. To learn more about this program, go to the;    move in certify page.

Buyer's Home Inspection

A home inspection is a visual inspection of the structure and components of a home to find items that are not performing correctly or items that are unsafe. If a problem or symptom of a problem is found the home inspector will include a description of the problem in a written report and may recommend further evaluation. Before you close, you need to consider whether or not repairs are needed now and who will pay for them.

A home inspection is important because a buyer needs an affordable home inspection to find out all the problems possible with the home prior to moving in. Once your inspection is performed, do not wait on the agent to assist you. Review the inspection and make a list of items you think the seller should address and present them to the agent in a timely matter. It is recommended that you do not use a friend for an inspection. You should have an un-bias inspection, so when the inspector does find problems, they won't be easily minimized by the other parties because of friendship.

The inspection report may reveal a deficiency. However, every deficiency can either be fixed, re-evaluated by a trade professional or maybe the contract price be re-negotiated.

The home inspection process includes an electronic report with pictures of each room and any deficiencies highlighted. The report will also include a list of highlighted items that should be repaired and also some items that maybe a budgetary item for future maintenance items.

Additionally a home inspection is not a protection against future failures. Components like air conditioners or heat pumps can fail at any given time. Or the toilet flapper may fail because the house maybe vacant. A home inspection is not an appraisal that determines the value of a home.  And a home inspection is not a code inspection.

Lastly, we offer a 90 day warranty on all buyer home inspections and a 120 day warranty on all seller inspections. This warranty will cover certain items for that length of time after the inspection is performed. It is limited and will help with certain items under 10 years of age that fail shortly after the inspection. An annual warranty is much more complex and has a deductible. We can offer this as well or your Realtor maybe offering this as part of the closing. To review our Standards of Practice for Residential Home Inspections, click here.

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